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STIHL Mistblower SR 450 Backpack Petrol

STIHL Mistblower SR 450 Backpack Petrol

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Powerful mistblower for 2-in-1 dusting & spraying.

STIHL SR 450 Mistblower can dust and spray, coming with an ergonomic and comfortable backpack for easy machine operation and control. Further features include a powerful 2-MIX engine for improved performance, fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

STIHL Backpack Mistblower | Petrol

STIHL SR 450 Mistblower comes with a built-in backpack, perfect for easy handling and stress management. The mist blower comes as a 2-in-1 offering a top level of mist spraying and dusting performance for all manner of different jobs. Coming with an easy conversion mechanism, you can easily switch from dust and spray modes.

Further features of the SR 450 include a large 14-litre filler tank allowing for longer periods of work without the need for a refill. On top of this, the mistblower comes with STIHL ElastoStart and an anti-vibration system to reduce shock on the users' joints during engine start-up and minimise stress in the user's body during long tasks. Further bonus features include a multi-function control handle and three additional grids to allow for changes to the size and direction of the mistblowers spray.

Technical Specification

  • CO² ­ - 977 g/kWh
  • Weight - 12.8 kg 1)
  • Capacity - 63.3 cm3
  • Sound power level - 109 dB(A) 2)
  • Performance - 2.9 kW
  • Tank volume - 1.70 l
  • Sound pressure level - 101 dB(A) 2)
  • Air throughput with Round Nozzle - 920 m3/h 3)
  • Sound power level - 110 dB(A) 2)
  • Vibration value, right - 1.9 m/s2 4)
  • Maximum air flow - 1300 m3/h 5)
  • Horizontal spray width - 14.5 m

1)Without fuel, complete
2)K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
3)With Round Nozzle
4)K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²
5)Without blowing tube


MPN: 4244 011 2641

ID: 29344

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