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Gallagher M650 Mains Fence Energiser 230V

Gallagher M650 Mains Fence Energiser 230V

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New in the special edition range, the M650 energiser.

The M650 can power fencing of up to 40 km. The energiser has a built-in lightning conductor and power LED that shows whether the energiser is on or off.


  • Maximum output voltage (V): 9200.
  • Charging energy (J): 6.5.
  • Maximum impulse energy (J): 4.5.
  • Number of earthing rods required: 3 x 2 m.
  • Multiwire distance – ideal conditions (km): 40.
  • Multiwire distance – light growth (km): 28.
  • Multiwire distance – recommended (km): 10.
  • Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 22.

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