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Fenn Rat Trap With Chain MK4

Fenn Rat Trap With Chain MK4

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The Fenn Rat Trap With Chain MK4 is a highly effective spring trap, perfect for catching small mammals such as Stoats, Weasels, Rats, and Squirrels.

With its design specifically made to minimize the risk of harming non-target species, this trap is both humane and efficient. Set it in a natural or artificial tunnel for optimal results.

Further Information:

  • It is the law to use these traps in a tunnel.
  • Check traps at least twice daily.
  • 125mm wide x 135mm high x 120mm long.

Important Safety Note:

The spring on this trap is very powerful. Under no circumstances allow body parts past the tunnel entrance once set. ALWAYS USE THE SAFETY CATCH!! This trap potentially has the power to break the bones in a human hand! Always correctly position and protect your spring traps from non-target species. Regularly check traps by current legislation and risk-assess potential sites to avoid accidents.

Important Legal Information:

A spring trap requires Parliamentary approval under The Spring Traps Approval Act before it can be added to the list of spring traps that can be used in the UK. Before approval the trap must satisfy Parliament it is humane and to this end undergoes rigorous testing during which government researchers measure mechanical characteristics such as velocity, effective mass, clamping and impact forces. Unless a trap satisfies researchers it exceeds predetermined threshold guidelines it will not gain approval. All users must satisfy themselves that they comply with the requirements of the act and traps must only be set where they will not catch animals other than those they are being set for. Traps should only be set on land owned by the person setting them, or where they have permission from the landowner to do so. Avoid setting them on or near public footpaths, or public rights of way. We do not recommend this trap for domestic or amateur use.

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