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Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original 5L

Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original 5L

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Experience the power of the Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid, a high-performance formula that cuts through grease and grime with ease, lasting up to 50% longer than other brands.

Reduce your plastic waste at home or in the workplace with this 5L bottle, perfect for refilling smaller containers. Get a brilliant clean every time!

For 50 years now, Fairy has been part of the British repertoire and is a trusted brand recognised for its mildness to hands and its long-lasting formula.

  • Fairy Liquid cuts through grease better than any other washing-up liquid and lasts a lot longer.
  • It rinses off more easily than before, leaving your dishes outstandingly clean.
  • Fairy Liquid Original - now with Longer Lasting Bubbles!
  • All Fairy Liquid products are endorsed by the British Skin Foundation.

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