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Equest Oral Horse Wormer Gel

Equest Oral Horse Wormer Gel

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For the treatment and control of adult and larval stages of important internal parasites in horses and ponies with a single dose.

Each syringe now contains sufficient gel to treat a horse up to 700kg bodyweight at the recommended dose rate. A clear gel containing 18.92mg/g moxidectin. Legal Category: POM-VPS.


  • Active ingredient: 18.92mg/g moxidecti - Also contains 37.84 mg/g benzyl alcohol & 0.24 mg/g disodium edetate as preservatives.
  • Dosage: Each syringe treats up to 700kg.
  • Legal Category: POM-VPS.
  • Species: Horses and other Equidae
  • Therapeutic indication: Pharmaceuticals: Endoparasiticides: Anthelmintics for horses.
  • Meat & Milk Withdrawal: Horses - 32 days.

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Legal category: Link to SPC (summary of product characteristics):

Anthelmintic resistance statement: When considering veterinary medicines it is important to understand resistance. The following organisations provide helpful information:


MPN: 116558


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