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Emma Bridgewater Under The Sea Large Handled Tray

Emma Bridgewater Under The Sea Large Handled Tray

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Bring a bit of the sea into your home with this large tray from Emma Bridgewater; this tea tray has been designed with entertaining & hosting in mind.

This vibrant range of designs by Matthew Rice depict close ups of underwater life. The large handle tray features a sandy yellow seabed with weed and shells, a selection of fish, lobster and crab, each one named in a red font. Above the sea line are seagulls in a blue cloudy sky whilst one in the foreground drives into the water. The title ‘Under The Sea’ is depicted in a red font and the rim of the tray has a school of fish circling the edge.


  • Brand - Emma Bridgewater
  • Product - Tray
  • Emma Bridgewater Range - Fish
  • Material - Metal
  • Colour - Blue, Multi
  • Height (cm) - 11.50
  • Diameter (cm) - 39.00
  • Net Weight (g) - 774


MPN: SEA9000

ID: 34075469611147

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