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Eliet E401 Petrol Scarifier

Eliet E401 Petrol Scarifier

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The ELIET E401 Petrol Scarifier is perfect for small and medium-sized gardens.

With a robust design and ELIET Permanently Sharp Blades™, this machine prevents wear and provides precise dethatching. Its working width and infinitely variable height adjusters ensure efficient and accurate results. Trust the expertise of ELIET for your lawn care needs.


  • ROBUST FRAME: Even though this E401 is the smallest dethatching machine in the ELIET range, it is capable of providing outstanding performance. The performance of this dethatching machine is often tested in many common applications, for example, when it is rented. Its robust construction is then also a guarantee for its durability. The blade shaft is located within a thick steel housing in order to protect bystanders from any flying chippings.
  • FIXED BLADES: An ELIET dethatching machine with a dethatching width of 40 cm has a rotor that has 14 blades securely fitted. Each blade has two cutting edges so that the blade makes two raking motions for each revolution of the blade shaft. The blades are also mounted in a spiral pattern so that they do not all touch the ground at the same time to prevent grass sods from being torn loose. The ELIET E401 thus provides maximum efficiency with minimal damage to the lawn.
  • LARGE WHEELS: The E401 comes fitted with 20 cm diameter wheels. Large wheels run more smoothly and are less affected by any unevenness in the terrain. The nylon rims are shock-resistant. Moreover, the roller bearings can withstand the sandy and dusty conditions that are encountered during dethatching.
  • INFINITELY VARIABLE FRONT WHEELS: Height adjustment at the front wheels is infinitely variable. Since the height of each front wheel has to be separately adjusted, you are also sure that the blade shaft has the correct depth adjustment across the entire operating width.
  • REAR WHEELS DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: The rear wheels can be set to a number of different fixed positions. As a result of the dual adjustment capabilities, you can use the blades until they are completely worn.
  • SPACIOUS COLLECTION BAG: When you perform dethatching efficiently, you are also faced with a lot of cleaning up to do. ELIET help you in this respect by equipping the E401 with a collection bag. The wide opening ensures that the bag is optimally filled. The large 60-litre capacity of this collection bag is ample for the moss from several tens of metres. You are therefore spared from the burden of having to clear up the moss yourself.
  • RUBBER DEFLECTOR: Even when you work without using a collection bag, the large volume of raked moss must quickly come from underneath the frame without exposing the operator to anything that is thrown up by the blades. The well-sized rubber deflector will catch all of the dust and sand that is thrown up.
  • VERTICAL BELT TENSION: Problem-free operation was the point of departure for developing the vertical belt tension. Thanks to this system, the belt retains its natural shape even when it is operating. This virtually eliminates wear on the belt, thus significantly extending its operating life.
  • FOLD-DOWN HANDLEBAR: The handlebar is easily folded down. In this position, the Eliet E401 occupies little space in your garage, storage cupboard or the boot of your car.

Technical Specification:

  • Engine selection - 5,0 HP Honda GP160/4,0HP Honda GX120
  • Operating width - 400 mm / 16"
  • Permanently sharp blades™ - Yes
  • Fixed blades (number/thickness) - 14 / 3 mm
  • Loose blades (number/thickness) - 26 / 2,5 mm
  • Double Cut™ blades (number/thickness)  -24 / 1,5 mm
  • Clutch - Vertical Belt Tension
  • Handlebar - Foldable
  • Collecting box capacity - 60 L - 16 gallons
  • Depth adjuster - front: Continuously, rear: 2-position
  • Chassis - Steel 2 & 3 mm
  • Transmission - V-belt


MPN: MA 007 010 230


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