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Spear & Jackson Eclipse G Clamp 150mm/6"

Spear & Jackson Eclipse G Clamp 150mm/6"

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Manufactured from ductile iron with a twin start rolled acme thread and steel swivel shoeTommy bar is made from high quality steel.


  • The guaranteed unbreakable ductile iron frame can achieve a clamping force up to 450 - 1136 Kgf depending on the size
  • Tommy bar will bend before the clamp becomes over-stressed
  • Twin start rolled acme thread applies pressure quickly and smoothly to the workpiece
  • The steel swivel shoe applies an even pressure even on angled surfaces
  • Ideal for medium to heavy-duty wood and metalworking applications
  • Clamping Capacity - 150mm (6")
  • Clamping Force Kg f (Max) - 636 kgf (1400 Lbs)

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