Dub'L-Lif Straight Squeegee Yard Scraper

Dub'L-Lif Straight Squeegee Yard Scraper


Ideal for fast and effective movement of surface water, liquid or slurry, our versatile straight squeegee has many uses, both indoor and outdoor.

The durable rubber is flexible and so can mould itself to its surface, creating friction when being pushed along, therefore moving liquid more effectively than plastic made squeegees. The straight squeegee benefits from the ability to be pushed as well as pulled.

NOTE: Comes without Broom Handle which must be bought separately.

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  • High quality, strong, straight yard squeegee scraper – push or pull.
  • Swiftly clears surface water, runoff, liquid or slurry.
  • Reversible and replaceable ‘Red-Stripe’ rubber blade.
  • Comes without Broom Handle.

    SKU: SU-3022

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