Defenders Mega-Sonic Deer & Wildlife Deterrent

Defenders Mega-Sonic Deer & Wildlife Deterrent


Deer & wildlife deterrent from defenders humanely repels deer & wildlife from foraging in vulnerable garden areas

The unit uses proprietary technology developed and tested by leading garden and horticultural professionals. Deer repeller is recommended for use in any area where deer and other foraging animals are damaging plants and trees in woodland, parks or gardens. The unit is battery powered and requires 3 x D 1.5 V batteries (not included). PIR motion detection system maximises battery life and enables the unit to remain on standby until an animal strays into the detection area. PIR sensitivity is adjustable. The powerful FM speaker will broadcast whenever the unit is activated. FM tuning and volume levels are fully adjustable. The LED light will flash on whenever the FM speaker activates. Deer and Wildlife Deterrent has a weatherproof housing manufactured from durable ABS plastic. The unit is supplied with a mounting bracket for easy set-up.


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  • Motion-activated, battery-powered deer and wildlife repeller - uses FM radio speaker and LED flashlight to deter garden pests humanely
  • Battery-powered, humane deer and wildlife repellent - PIR motion sensor conserves battery life as the unit only uses power when the sensor is activated; Motion sensor has adjustable sensitivity
  • Audio-visual deer deterrent is easy to set up with an adjustable mount for set-up anywhere in the garden, including on trees, fences or walls; durable ABS plastic, weather-proof housing will withstand outdoor use, FM radio is tuneable with fully adjustable volume levels
  • Welfare-friendly repeller deters deer from foraging vulnerable plants and shrubs in gardens; stops wildlife from damaging parks and woodland areas
  • Deer deterrent requires 3 x D 1.5 V batteries (not included)


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