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Dectospot 10 mg/ml Spot-on Solution for Cattle & Sheep

Dectospot 10 mg/ml Spot-on Solution for Cattle & Sheep

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A topical application for the control of lice and flies on cattle; ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep and lice and ticks on lambs. A clear, pale gold, oily liquid containing deltamethrin 10mg/ml. Legal Category: POM-VPS.


Species: Cattle, Sheep
Pharmaceuticals: Ectoparasiticides: For cattle, For sheep
Active ingredients: Deltamethrin

Legal Category: POM-VPS.
Meat & Milk Withdraws:

  • - Cattle - milk: Zero hours
  • - Cattle - meat: 17 days
  • - Sheep - meat: 35 days
  • - Sheep - milk: Not for use in ewes producing milk for human consumption

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Anthelmintic resistance statement When considering veterinary medicines it is important to understand resistance. The following organisations provide helpful information:


    MPN: 1DEC005

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