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Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator 3.5g

Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator 3.5g

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Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Generator² treats flying insects in a 120m³ area & crawling insects in a 7.5m³ area so one smoke generator is sufficient for a 2 x 3.5 x 1.5m greenhouse

Infestations of various insects should subside, with dead insects apparent - Some species may require more than one treatment to completely eradicate the problem.

  • Kills insects such as aphids and red spider mite
  • No smell or visible residue after use
  • No need to remove plants from greenhouses before use
  • Contains permethrin

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Customer Reviews

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Doesn't work!

I used the Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator 3.5g as per the instructions - set offf in the afternoon and left overnight. I opened up the green house in the morning and the greenhouse thrip are still wriggling around thriving. Bottom line - quite an expensive product that doesn't work!