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Country UF Lamb Colostrum

Country UF Lamb Colostrum

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Country UF Lamb Colostrum is a supplementary feed containing high levels of natural colostrum, fortified with egg powder and vitamins.

Can be used to supplement natural colostrum and should be fed as soon as possible after birth and during the first 12 hours. 

  • Add 25g to 100ml warm water. Add 50g to 100ml warm water where no maternal colostrum is available
  • Contains probiotics which physically exclude harmful pathogens from attaching to the gut wall
  • Fortified with egg powder to supplement the high level of natural colostrum
  • Contains vitamins A, D3 & E to counter common deficiencies in lambs
  • High levels of easy-absorbable energy
  • Formulated to mix easily and sealed in a foil sachet for preservation of nutrients



ID: VM-2-CUF-COLL-01-1

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