Cobra WT56B Petrol Wheeled Trimmer 22"

Cobra WT56B Petrol Wheeled Trimmer 22"


Briggs & Stratton powered trimmer with large wheels & heavy duty line

Cobra WT56B Wheeled Trimmer has been designed to offer all the performance of a trimmer, without stress on your hands and arms - proving a much easier and enjoyable experience. Features include a heavy duty 4mm line, 38-76mm cutting height, 56cm cutting width and large 350mm wheels.


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Cobra Petrol Wheeled Trimmer | WT56B 56cm/22"

Cobra have developed a wheeled trimmer in order to cut areas of overgrowth and rough grass without the over use of your hands and other limbs which can tire with time. The trimmer is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 750Ex Series engine and incorporates Ready Start for easy engine start-up and smooth running. The WT56B also comes with a 56 cm cutting width and benefits from a large wheel diameter of 350mm, making it a piece of cake to push around your garden or area of land.

Not only this, the trimmer comes with a heavy duty 4mm line for managing tough and thick overgrown areas. Finishing touches include a varied cutting height ranging from 38mm up to 76mm and a 3600rpm rotating speed, meaning enough power and precision to manage almost any task.

Technical Specification

  • Engine - Briggs & Stratton 750Ex Series
  • Cutting Width - 56cm / 22"
  • Cutting Height - 38 - 76mm
  • Rotating Speed - 3600rpm
  • Cutting Head - Adjustable
  • Wheel Diameter - 350mm
  • Weight - 33kg
  • Warranty - 2 Years


Barcode: 5055485036957

Google ID: 30669

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