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Cobra LRH40E Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer 39cm

Cobra LRH40E Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer 39cm

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500W long reach hedge trimmer with 39cm double-sided blade

Cobra LRH40E comes made especially for reaching up to heights and into tough areas where a simple hedge trimmer won't suffice. Coming in a full reach of 185cm with blade, the trimmer offers great reach and cutting ability, thanks to a double sided blade.

Cobra Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer | LRH40E 39cm

Cobra LRH40E Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer has been designed for use on more tricky trimming jobs which may be either too high or at too awkward of an angle to reach with a standard length hedgetrimer. LRH40E benefits from a 500W motor with enough power to manage the 39cm double-sided blade and make light work of tall hedges.

Further features of the long reach hedge trimmer include a tooth spacing of 20mm and an extension length of 42cm which can be extended to a maximum of 185cm for a great level of reach. On top of this the long reach hedge trimmer also comes with a 10 metre power cable which can cover a good distance before requiring an extension lead. Finishing touches include ergonomic controls making operation that little bit easier, and an articulated cutting head meaning you can rotate the head through 90 degrees.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Power - 500W
  • Rated Voltage - 230V-50Hz
  • Cutting Length - 39 cm
  • Tube Length Without Blade - 143 cm
  • Extension Length - 42 cm
  • Maximum Length - 185 cm
  • Cable Length - 10 m
  • Weight - 4 kg



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