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Cobra GTT450 Tractor Trailer Solid-Sided 250kg

Cobra GTT450 Tractor Trailer Solid-Sided 250kg

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Robust trailer suitable for use with most graden tractors

Cobra GTT450 Tractor Trailer is perfect for use with pretty much and garden tractor which comes with towing capabilities. The trailer benefits from solid and robust sides, off-road 16" tyres, hinged drop sides and a 250kg capacity.

Cobra Tractor Trailer Solid Sided | GTT450 250kg

Cobra GTT450 Tractor Trailer comes in a solid sided design for an improved level of robust and durable performance. Suitable for holding up to 250kg, the trailer can be attached to the vast majority of garden tractors that offer towing capability and even comes with 16" tyres suitable for taking off-road. The Cobra trailer also includes hinged drop sides for ease of getting products in and out of the trailer. If you're looking for a solid, versatile and easily maneuverable trailer then this would be perfect for you.

Technical Specification

  • Max. Capacity: 250kg
  • Tyres: 16"
  • Drive Type: Towed
  • Construction: Steel / Solid Sided
  • Hinged Drop Sides
  • Nett Weight: 50kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year



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