Cobra GT600E Electric Grass Trimmer | 30cm

Cobra GT600E Electric Grass Trimmer 30cm


600W trimmer with rotating head and 30cm cutting width

Cobra GT600E Electric Grass Trimmer offers a top level of performance and versatiltiy with a 600W motor and rotating head for 90 degree trimming. Further features include a tap 'n' go dual line feeds, telescopic height adjuster, and a 1.5mm twisted line.


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Cobra Electric Grass Trimmer | GT600E 30cm

Cobra GT600E Electric Grass Trimmer comes with a high-performance 600W motor and offers a 30cm cutting width for easy trimming of lawns. The grass trimmer comes with a rotating head which can till up to a 90 degree angle and also features a telescopic height adjuster, allowing for the ultimate in control and cutting options.

Further features of the electric grass trimmer include a plant protection bar for easy trimming around delicate plants you want to avoid damaging. On top of this the trimmer has an adjustable handle for improved comfort and maneuverability.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Power - 600W
  • Cutting Width - 30cm
  • Lawn Edging - 90°
  • Height Adjuster - Telescopic
  • Line - 1.5mm Twisted
  • Plant Protection Guard
  • Cable Length - 10m
  • Warranty - 2 Years


Barcode: 5055485036896

Google ID: 30699