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Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Baking Cutter

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Baking Cutter

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Slice food without damaging your non-stick bakeware

Chicago Metallic's Nylon Non-Stick Mezzaluna Cutter is naturally anti-scratch. This makes it ideal for portioning up pizzas, tray bakes and flat breads without having to take them from baking trays or pans. Its edge is sharp enough to easily cut through food without leaving behind any damaging gouges. And with its balanced design, it's really easy to rock.

Built for daily use, this baking cutter's durable nylon construction is baked up by a sturdy glass core. This gives it the added strength needed for regular kitchen use. It's non-stick too. So, whether you're cutting a margarita pizza or a gooey tray bake brownie - food won't stick to this nylon mezzaluna - for an effortless after-dinner clean-up.


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