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Chempak Potting Base with Soluwet Wetting Agent 750g

Chempak Potting Base with Soluwet Wetting Agent 750g

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An inexpensive & easy way to convert peat into potting compostChempak Potting Base is a reliable method for converting peat into compost which is ideal for re-potting and potting on plants and hanging baskets, window boxes, patio containers and shrubs, planters, large pots and growing bags. Use in conjunction with Soluwet Wetting Agent which will help to 're-wet' the compost, promote germination, lessen evaporation and reduce watering.

How and when to use:

Use good quality moss or sedge peat and moisten before use. Use a two-gallon size bucket. Measure out six buckets of peat and two buckets of sharp sand (or grit or perlite). To mix smaller quantities use pro-rata amounts. For peat-only compost, use just 8 buckets (16 gallons) of peat. Add the contents of the pack and mix thoroughly. Leave for one or two days before use. Best results with all composts are achieved when freshly made, therefore mix as required.

Makes sufficient Compost for at least: 20 seed trays or 175 x 30.5" potsor 60 x 5" pots or 30 x 7" potsor 18 x 8" pots or 13 x 9" potsor 9 x 10" pots or 2 x growing bags.

Storage of mixed compost: Mixed compost is best used quickly but can be stored for up to six weeks if kept cool and dry.

Professional tips:

Use Chempak potting compost for re-potting and potting on established plants only. Also useful for overwintering tubers. Although there is no need to add lime to the Chempak composts, some plants like carnations and brassicas benefit from extra amounts. For these 'lime lovers' add 4oz of any lime brand to the contents of this pack. Use Chempak Ericaceous Base to make compost for lime-hating plants.


After four to six weeks additional feeding is recommended. For best results use the appropriate Chempak Soluble Plant Food.

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