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Bryta Professional Dishwasher Powder 5kg

Bryta Professional Dishwasher Powder 5kg

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Bryta Dishwashing Powder is suitable for use in all types of domestic & commercial manually dosed dishwashing machines

This dishwasher powder minimises re-washing and leaves washed items taste and odour free.  This dishwashing powder removes tannin stains and prevents scaling. Diversey Professional Bryta Dishwasher Powder is part of a range of dishwashing chemicals from Diversey designed to ensure professional results.

  • Apply the correct amount of powder into the drawer of the dishwasher.
  • If the dishwasher does not have a detergent dispenser drawer pour the Bryta Powder onto the inside of the door or onto the floor of the machine or as directed by the dishwashers manufacturer.
  • For best results always follow the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Correct loading is essential, do not mix different metals in the same rack, stack glassware carefully and never tightly.
  • After use, reseal the inner bag and close the top of the carton, preventing the powder from clumping and becoming moist.

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