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Bruder JD Tractor & Loader 03051

Bruder JD Tractor & Loader 03051

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Bruder John Deere Tractor with front grab loader 7930, 03051

John Deere 7930 with frontloaderHighlights * engine bonnet can be opened * fully functional detachable front loader (Item No. 03051) * steerable, off-road full floating axle * smooth steering thanks to steering wheel extension through the sliding roof * cabin panes made of PLEXIGLAS * doors can be opened * detachable front load * rear coupling height adjustable * sculptured tyres with receiver for twin tyres * receiver for front loader * This John Deere tractor can be combined with all trailers of theTOP Pro and Pro series. * commitment to high quality plastics like ABS * Made in Germany * scale 1:16 * recommended age: from 3 years, for playing indoors and outdoorsDescriptionWith the introduction of its 03000 series of large tractors in the autumn of 2004, BRUDER managed to establish a greatly successful product line of toy tractors that cannot be beat when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. We are now adding the 7930 John Deere model to this line of tractors.It has the same features as the other models of our line of large tractors, i.e. a fully glazed cabin with opening doors, a detachable front load, an off-road full floating front axle, and a height adjustable drawbar coupling. Thanks to its unique play/steering system featuring a steering wheel that is extended through the cabin roof, this tractor can easily be handled by children despite its fully glazed cabin.This tractor can, of course, also be hooked up to all farming trailers and equipment sold by BRUDER.This model is available both as a basic version without a front loader (Item No. 03050) and as an extended version including the front loader (Item No. 03051). If you want to add a front loader later, you can also use the front loader (Item No. 03300) of the 03000 tractor series.

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