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Bruder Breakdown & Jeep 02750

Bruder Breakdown & Jeep 02750

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Bruder MAN TGA Breakdown truck with crane and jeep, 02750, wagon with crane and jeep, tip and slide flatbed on wagon


Truck driver's cab:

  • Can be tilted to provide a view of the engine block
  • Foldable wing mirrors
  • Front screen made of transparent and unbreakable polycarbonate

Truck structure:

  • Crane can be extended and swivelled
  • Loading platform can be removed
  • Inc. wheel lift and load handling gear (consisting of tracks and wheel clamps)
  • Wheel chocks and fold-out support legs
  • Profiled tyres

Cross country vehicle, art.-no.: 02540:

  • Engine bonnet can be opened
  • Windshield folds down
  • Kingpin steering

To add to the fun of playing with the MAN truck, the toy can be equipped with our Light and Sound Module (art.-no.: 02801).


Everyone has seen this breakdown truck in action as it loads a vehicle involved in an accident and takes it to be repaired. To recover vehicles, the loading platform can be removed and the crane can be extended and swiv-elled. The extendible wheel lift and the load handling gear, consisting of tracks and wheel clamps, enable safe and fast towing. Wheel chocks and fold-out support legs ensure stability and profiled tyres complete the picture. The tipping driver's cab of the MAN provides a view of the engine and the mirrors of the driver's cab can be folded up. The engine bonnet of the cross-country vehicle can also be opened and its windscreen folds down. The cross-country vehicle can also be steered. To add to the fun, the MAN TGA Breakdown truck can be equipped with the Light and Sound Module (art.-no.: 02801 - not included).

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