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Black & Decker 240W Paddle Switch Random Orbital Sander

Black & Decker 240W Paddle Switch Random Orbital Sander

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Suitable for removing paint from medium to large surface areas, e.g. tables and doors

Sanding curved surfaces, e.g. backs of chairs / side of boat. Sanding flat areas in preparation for paint or varnish. Polishing - using specific polishing accessory.

240W Paddle Switch Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander is the ideal tool for sanding and polishing on wood, metal, PVC, and paint removal on both flat and curved surfaces. The powerful 240W motor provides fast material removal, whilst the random orbital sanding action allows you to sand safely across the wood grain without leaving swirl marks. The paddle switch actuation makes sanding projects effortless. Simply press down on the palm grip on top of the sander for easy operation and maximum comfort and control. Supplied with 1 x mesh sanding sheet and a try-layer dust collection bag.

  • PRODUCT TYPE | Random Orbital Sander
  • POWER RATING | 240 W
  • PLUG VOLTAGE | 230 V
  • SANDING ACTIONS | Random Orbital
  • BRAKE | Yes

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