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Bermuda Crystal Fountain Clear Water Feature Treatment 385g

Bermuda Crystal Fountain Clear Water Feature Treatment 385g

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Keep your water feature looking its best with Bermuda Crystal Fountain Clear Water Feature Treatment.

This easy-to-use powder treatment effectively combats and clears algae while also cleaning and restoring your feature's water to a crystal-clear state. Enjoy a beautiful and hassle-free water feature with this treatment.


  • For use on resin, stone concrete or metal water features
  • Keeps water clear of algae and unsightly, cloudy or dirty water
  • Treats 137 Litres (30 Gallons)
  • Must not be used in ponds with fish, plants or animals.

How to use:

  • Add one 10ml measuring cap every 5 litres of water, and use it when setting up the feature or when cleaning out and replacing it with new water. Make sure the product is added while the water feature is running for maximum distribution. Add additional treatments every month to assist with algae prevention.

Legal Information:

  • can cause serious damage to the environment. These could be immediate or long-term effects on multiple components.


MPN: BER0921

ID: LP-BER0921

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