Bahco 23 Series Raker Tooth Bowsaw Blade

Bahco 23 Series Raker Tooth Bowsaw Blade


Bahco 10-21 Bowsaw is a lightweight yet heavy-duty bowsaw for all round use.

The integrated, ergonomic handle, with its built in hand guard, protects user's knuckles. A unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless. The sturdy blade fittings and high blade tension make precision cutting easier than ever before.

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Bahco Raker Tooth Hard Point Bowsaw Blade are ideal for cutting in green wood. Made from hardened and tempered high-quality steel with high frequency, induction hardened peg toothing.

They have been treated with a rust prevention coating and packed in an individual sleeve printed with graphically illustrated text for correct blade selection.

Will fit most makes of bowsaw frame.

SKU: SV-23-30

Barcode: 7311518003869

MPN: 23-30