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Baby Bio Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables 750ml

Baby Bio Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables 750ml

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Baby Bio is about more than just indoor plant food - you can now also count on your favourite plant food brand to help you get more fruits & vegetables from your outdoor crops

Aimed to support healthy, balanced growth, Baby Bio Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables will help you get up to 35% more crops compared to using a standard fertiliser. With a 750ml bottle making up to 75 litres of liquid feed, you can ensure your outdoor flowers & shrubs will go bigger, brighter for longer.


  • A unique boosted plant food for all kinds of edible crops
  • For fantastic yields, bigger and better crops
  • Up to 35% heavier crops compared to using a standard fertiliser
  • Fast, balanced growth for strong and healthy plants
  • Great value: concentrate makes up to 75 litres per bottle
  • Use on all fruit, vegetables and herbs indoors and outdoors

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