Baby Bio Orchid Food 175ml

Baby Bio Orchid Food 175ml

Baby Bio

Because they have very specific nutritional requirements, the best way to feed your Orchid is by regularly using an Orchid fertiliser

Orchids are fast becoming the UK's preferred houseplants as they are a very popular gift for many occasions and they bring an elegant element to every home. Orchids were always seen as difficult to look after, but in reality, a little care and attention are enough to keep them healthy and thriving. Although they don’t require a lot of food, just like us, Orchids do need regular feeding for bright blooms and healthy leaves. Baby Bio Orchid Food has the perfect mix of nutrients that your Orchid needs to stay healthy and it’s ideal for use during the growing season to help promote vibrant flowers and healthy leaves.

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  • Encourages brighter blooms and healthy leaves.
  • Ideal for all kinds of Orchids.
  • Perfect for use during the growing season.

SKU: PB-020178CONC

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