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AL-KO MT 40 Multi Tool Base Unit

AL-KO MT 40 Multi Tool Base Unit

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Depending on the chosen attachment, the EnergyFlex MT 40 basic unit can be used as a hedge trimmer, pruner, grass trimmer or brushcutter

Lightweight, handy and equipped with individually adjustable additional handles or carrying strap on some attachments, the basic unit serves as a useful, energy-saving tool for the most important work in the home garden. Thanks to the quick-change system attaching the attachments is a breeze. The Multitool MT 40 is powered by an EnergyFlex battery making it flexible and mobile with no cable or exhaust emissions, low-noise and low-vibration. Your benefit: You can use the battery for all devices from the EnergyFlex family.

NOTE: Model from the EnergyFlex series, therefore sold without battery and charger. Fast and easy to assemble - convenient operation.

The MT 40 is the basic device for the attachments GTA 36 Li /GTA 4030 Trimmer attachments, BCA 36 Li / BCA 4030 Brushcutter / Trimmer attachments, HT 36 Li / HTA 4045 Hedgetrimmer attachments and CSA 36 Li / CSA 4020 Pruning attachments. To achieve an optimum working height, the HTA and CSA attachments include a 70 cm shaft extension. With a low basic weight of only 1 kg, the carrying straps of the HTA and CSA attachments, the slim design and the independent battery operation, comfortable working is guaranteed. When operating the device, there are no interfering power cables or the weight of a fuel tank - a significant comfort enhancement, especially when working overhead. Powered by an EnergyFlex family of Li-ion batteries, the base unit provides the foundation for efficient, emission- and low noise cutting, mowing and trimming. The larger 40 V / 5 Ah battery increases the runtime by about 1/3 compared to the smaller 4 Ah battery. Thanks to lithium-ion cells, the battery is durable, low-maintenance and without self-discharge / memory effect and easy to load into the device.


  • Multifunctional base device for tree, hedge and lawn care
  • Available optional attachments: hedge trimmer, pruner, grass trimmer and brushcutter
  • Easy work thanks to low weight and carrying strap (supplied with pruner & hedge trimmer attachments)
  • Silent, emission-free - without annoying cable thanks to battery operation
  • Model from the EnergyFlex family (supplied without battery and charger)
  • Branch, hedge and grass cutting with 1 device. The AL-KO EnergyFlex multitool is a handy and versatile tool for home gardening.
  • SKU Code 113611
  • EAN 4003718058468
  • Product Range EnergyFlex
  • Battery Type 40 V / 4 Ah Li-Ion
  • Weight in kg approx 1

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