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ABUS Key Garage For Wall Mounting 787

ABUS Key Garage For Wall Mounting 787

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Ideal protected storage of keys & other valuables for authorised persons

Quick and easy access for frequently changing groups of persons (craftsmen, service, holiday guests, apartment buildings, car rentals) Defining access by setting and passing on the code. For wall fixing indoors and in protected outdoor areas. Storage of a complete bunch of key now possible because of larger space and a removable hook.


  • Very large solid metal housing and extra large storage compartment
  • Locking cover made from zinc die-cast
  • Easily removable clip-in hooks guarantee consumer's comfort
  • Flat inner mechanism makes a larger storage space possible
  • Individually resettable code (4-digit)
  • Protective cover with sliding mechanism
  • Holds up to 30 cards or 50 keys

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