Our range of dog products proves substantial to say the least. Choose from Dog food, toys, treats, beds, mats, collars, coats or leads. We also offer a selection of doggy care products.
If you are looking for anything from cat food, litter or even litter trays, then look no further. We stock all these things and even some care products such as flea control and food bowls.
If you're lucky enough to own a horse, this is the place for all your equine needs. Choose from grooming, head collars, lead ropes, & general care products like fly repellent & hoof oil.
For everyone else owning a small sized pet such as a gerbil, rabbit, guinea pigor ferret, we cater for you too. Here you can choose from specific food and treats for your small & furry friends.



Earthbound Dog Beds produce high-quality pet bedding, blankets, dog coats, toys and accessories. They pride themselves on over 90% of their product range being manufactured by themselves within the UK.


Wagg pet food makes tasty dry food and treats for your pet including your dog, puppy, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil and hamster. Their pet food offers everything your pet will need, and nothing it doesn't need.


Our range of products for dog, cats, horses and more, have been lovingly hand picked to offer the best quality around. When it comes to your pets, why accept any less?