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Earthbound has been in operation since early 2005, with over 30 years experience in textile manufacturing trade. The company produces high-quality pet bedding, blankets, dog coats, toys and accessories, with over 90% of our product range being manufactured by ourselves within the UK. Earthbound Dog Beds are durable, stylish, hardwearing and most are machine washable. To ensure every product reaches the highest quality and standard that your pet demands we evaluate and test each product for long-lasting durability, design, comfort and washability.


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Waterproof Beds

Earthbound Waterproof Dog Beds are a fairly new edition to Sam Turner & Sons. Made in a selection of different traditional tweed designs, the Earthbound dog bed comes with a luxurious look and a heavy duty polyester base. On top of this, the waterproof dog bed also benefits from an outside fabric in tweed and the inside is heavy duty waterproof polyester. Finishing touches include an inner cushion which can be removed and reversed, one side tweed and one side heavy duty waterproof polyester. The bed can also be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Classic Beds

Earthbound Classic Dog Beds come crafted from a thermal bonded Polyester Staple Fibre within the walls of the bed. These are made from the highest quality of synthetic raw materials, making the walls extremely comfortable, strong and rigid, which can prevent collapsing and protect your pet from drafts. Other features include inner cushions filled with the same hollow fibre you will find in most human cushions on the market, ensuring your pet benefits from the same comfort as you. We stock Classic Dog Beds in Green, Navy and Brown Tweed.

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Coats & Collars

Earthbound also produce an excellent selection of dog coats & collars perfect for keeping your dog warm and safe during walks.