Garden Machinery

We stock a versatile range of lawnmowers, from Robotic Lawn Mowers, Ride-On Mowers & Rear Roller Lawn Mowers for stunning lawn stripes. If you need something basic, we have options in petrol, cordless and electric mowers.
Mowing your lawn is only the first part in keeping it trim & tidy. Check out our lawn care section for some inspiration. Here you will find lawn spreaders, aerators & scarifiers. We also offer a selection of rollers, sweepers & sprayers.


Professional to domestic use chainsaws in a range of sizes and styles. Whether you're an arborist, loggers or want a tidy chainsaw for the garden, we have a huge selection at affordable prices. We also stock guide bars, chains and accessories.


Blowers have become a must-have garden item. We stock STIHL Blowers along with Husqvarna, EGO and Mitox. We also provide 2-in-1 blower vacuums & general lawn vacuums. If you want a gutter cleaning kit or curved nozzle – we have it.



Whether you need a powerful clearing saw, or a tidy grass-trimmer, we have the brands to suit your needs. Cobra, Honda, Husqvarna & STIHL to name a few. We also stock accessories including spare line, blades & harnesses


Electric, cordless or petrol, we have a great choice of hedge trimmers. Products include long-reach models perfect for trimming those hard to reach areas. We stock top brands like Husqvarna & Cobra, to name a few.

STIHL pressure washers are among the best power cleaners on the market. We sell models from the RE 88 up to the stunning RE 143 PLUS. Along with our selection of pressure washers, we also offer a huge selection of accessories including cleaning products and hoses which can be used in conjunction with the washers.
We don't just sell your most popular garden machinery, we also sell more specific garden machines, including log splitters, cut-off saws, household vacuums & floor sweepers. If you need a towable trailer or hand pull cart, we can help. Not only this but we also stock a selection of Tillers, Generators and Augers.
Using an item like a chainsaw or hedge trimmer is one thing, staying safe and protected is another. This is why we're committed to providing a solid range of ppe and workwear for use with all our machinery. Brands like Husqvarna and STIHL have you covered from all angles, be it safety helmets & goggles, or protective jackets, trousers & gloves.
Having a Chainsaw, Strimmer, Blower, is only the first part of the task. We have a massive range of spare parts & accessories for use with our machinery. For fuel, fuel cans, batteries, chargers, oils & lubricants, look no further. We also stock a range of forestry tool including axes, marking tools, breaking bars, felling wedges & moisture gauges.



When it comes to garden power tools, chainsaws and even cut-off saws, STIHL has been setting the standards for over 90 years now. STIHL combines state-of-the-art engineering, quality design and excellent service, so there really is no wonder why they're products are sold in over 160 countries around the world. Take a look.


Husqvarna have over 330 years of innovation experience, with a passion to provide professionals with forest, park & garden products. Husqvarna mix high performance with usability & safety, to get your job done efficiently. Husqvarna products include everything from chainsaws & power cutters to robotic lawnmowers. Take a look at their new Aspire Series.