Husqvarna Aspire

Husqvarna has developed a new range of battery-powered garden tools, fresh for 2023. The Husqvarna Aspire battery-powered range has been designed to offer a higher level of efficiency, improved ease of storage, and a more compact and intuitive design than ever before.

Husqvarna Aspire

R4 Automower

Control your Automower 24/7 for improved cut perfection with app control. Not only this, automatic charging and frostguard help achieve fuss-free cutting and improved weather durability. R4 Automower is also optimised for smaller lawns, up-to 400m2.

LC34 Lawn Mower

Once again, so easy to store, carry and use. Absolutely perfect for small spaces, the mower can be folded and stored vertically via a hook. LC34 is also part of the Power For All Alliance, making it compatible with batteries and chargers from other brands.

B8X Leaf Blower

3 different power modes, and smart storage thanks to an added hook and a removable tube. B8X ticks a lot of boxes for efficiency. It can handle delicate areas such as flowerbeds and wet leaves. Also comes with power saving automatic shutdown when it is left unattended.


Husqvarna T28-P4A Cordless Strimmer

Husqvarna Aspire T28-P4A Cordless Strimmer proves superb for dealing with edges and is designed to manage small spaces. Storage is also easy, just like every product in the Husqvarna Aspire range, it comes with a handy storage hood. Loop handle and telescopic shaft means you will always have the best working position for the job at hand.

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