Tools & Building Materials

Whether you're in need of a new power drill or a specific hand tool we have the amount of choice to fulfil your needs. We also stock ladders, tool storage, ppe such as face-masks & safety googles, & car care products such as lubricants, scrapers & tarpaulin.
Thinking of sprucing up your home, or putting a lick of paint on your outdoor furniture, look no further. In our painting & decorating section you'll find paint, wood treatments, adhesives, glue, tape, paint thinner, brushes & roller trays among other DIY accessories.
If you're getting your hands dirty around the house, you won't get very far without a selection of the appropriate fixings. Browse our section for the likes of bolts, nails, nuts, screws, staples, threaded rod, wall plugs, and washers. We also stock masonry & plasterboard fixings.
Whether you're simply looking for a new roof, wanting to fix an existing one, or could do with a spruce-up, our selection of roofing products are exactly what you need. Here you will find, sheet roofing, flashings, eaves, ridges, roof light and extra such as adhesives and felt.

We sell a selection of different aggregates, paving & landscaping products. Here you will find a choice of natural stone paving, cement, mortar, concrete & even some decorative aggregates like cobble, chippings, gravel & pebbles.

If you're in need of some piping, manhole covers, gullies, traps or a particular fitting – our drainage & guttering section is the place for you. We stock chambers and risers for down pipes, land drainage fittings and pipes, and all things in-between.

Our selection of water pipes & fittings can be split into two sections – galvanised pipes & alkathene pipes. We also stock fittings for both styles of pipe. This includes the likes of taps, valves, adapters, bushes and much more.
Browse our selection of ironmongery products. We sell a selection of door handles, door knobs, hooks, latches, brackets & chains. On top of this we stock a choice of padlocks, wire rope, grips, thimbles, extension & compression springs.
Our selection of sheet materials include the likes of cladding & plastic sheeting. We also stock insulation ranging from rolls to pipe insulation & insulation board. A selection of stokbord & plywood too.
If you need a new light fitting, fluorescent tube or site floodlight, then look no further. We also sell back boxes, cable, plugs, switches, sockets and light bulbs. If you need something electrical this is where you will find it.