STIHL iMow: A Closer Look

STIHL iMow comes with a whole host of brilliant features so why not take a closer look at what they are. Knowing eveything your robotic lawn mower has to offer, can get you off on the right foot when it comes to a quick installation and setup.


The Connectivity features allow you to remotely control your robotic mower through the app, utilising Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Additionally, EVO models have the option to connect to the app via a mobile network.


The iMow App streamlines the entire process, offering convenience through your fingertips. With just a few taps, you can adjust the cutting height of your robot mower to suit you preferences, all directly withing the app interface.


For precise lawn maintenance, especially in gardens with intricate layouts or numerous obstacles, the iMow offers a solution. By defining starting points and specifying preferred mowing zones via the app, you can streamline the mowing plan.

Rain Sensor

Let your lawn thrive under weather-conscious care. With its built-in rain sensor, your iMOW® robotic mower intelligently assesses weather conditions to determine the optimal mowing schedule. In the settings, you have the flexibility to customize how your robotic lawn mower responds to rain, ensuring precise and adaptable lawn maintenance tailored to your preferences.

Alarm Function

Experience enhanced security measures. Should the iMOW be lifted or detect unusual tilting or movement (such as carrying), it immediately triggers an alarm for added protection. This alarm deactivates automatically once the robot mower is placed back on the ground. Furthermore, if the robot is taken outside its designated area, it automatically locks its control functions, providing extended safeguarding against unauthorised use.

Disc-Cut System

Achieve the perfect mow every time. With high rotational speed and three free-swinging, extra-sharp blades, your lawn receives a pristine cut with each pass. Plus, the automatic alternation of rotation direction ensures even wear on the blades, extending their lifespan for consistently excellent results over time.

Mobile Access via My iMow App

Transform your lawn care experience with the MY iMOW® app. Gain complete control and oversight of your iMOW from anywhere. Stay informed on its status, fine-tune settings such as cutting height, craft tailored mowing plans, designate precise mowing zones, and enjoy the convenience of remote access - all seamlessly integrated into your smartphone for effortless yet top class lawn maintenance and management.