Husqvarna Automowers | What Do They Do?

Husqvarna Automowers | What Do They Do?

Low Noise

Automower works extremely quiet and discretely, thanks to a unique cutting system and high spec wheel motors.

Results Without Effort

Achieves great results in poor weather, on uneven land and awkward slopes.

Copes With Complexity

Higher specification models can cope with highly complexity lawns & obstacles

The obvious benefit of robotic lawn mowers is that all the hard word is done by the mower, which can function without around the clock supervision. The Automower range is made to work in any weather condition or rough terrain and can manage up to 5000m2 of lawn and slopes of up to 45%. Obstacles will not stop the robotic lawn mower as it redirects around obstacles, achieving reliable results. Whether your lawn is large or small, you will always need to mow it frequently for a healthy and loved look. The lower end of the range can cater for smaller lawns, and are suited to areas up to 1800m2 and will cut to the same standard as its big brother models.

Depending on the model, your robotic lawn mower can be GPS assisted, making navigation strong enough to handle even the most tricky terrain. Automower will pick up signals in 3 different ways – from the charging system, guide wires or boundary wire. This is to ensure no marks are left in your lawn when returning to charge.

You can manually or electronically adjust blade height for different length grass. A weather timer adjusts to growth speed as-well-as weather and a spot-cutting function can sense if grass is higher in a particular area than another. Like almost all Husqvarna products, the robotic lawn mower functions at extremely low and quiet levels.

Husqvarna have now created a mobile phone app to track your Automower through its GPS system, allowing you to communicate and if there is any problems, the mower will tell you. Other functions include an ability to order the mower to either start, stop or park. You will even get an alarm and tracking ability if ever your mower is stolen. Search the app store for My Automower app, and install it on your mobile device. The app will only work with robotic mowers that come with GPS functionality or have been additionally fitted with it. Prices range from £745 – £4140.

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