Husqvarna Automower Installation Guide

Husqvarna Automowers | Installation Guide

Perhaps not surprisingly, Husqvarna Automowers haven't always been the technical masterpieces they are today, and have undergone a vast improvement since they were first launched over 20 years ago. With technological advances comes the need for technological understanding and a heightened sense of importance has now been placed on installing and setting up your Automower. If you want the mower to work exactly how it should, then you need to get your installation and settings right. That is where we come in - just follow the easy steps below and take a quick glance at the video to develop a better understanding of just what makes the Husqvarna Automower one of the worldwide leaders in robotic lawn mowers.

Five Steps to Complete Automower Installation

Before beginning your installation it would be advised that you take a look around your full garden to identify any loose debris which could cause any unwanted obstruction or damage to your mower. That includes things such as rocks and twigs, right down to toys, tools and other loose items. Also, don't let your grass grow to longer than 10mm and expect the robotic lawn mower to be able to cut this down. You will need to cut it short with a regular lawn mower if this is the case.

Step 1 | Position Your Charging Station

  • The best place to position your charging station is in a middle ground where your Automower will be able to access it from all angles. Once you've found a spot, make sure the station is laid completely flat, and out of any direct sunlight. You can purchase an additional housing if this is not possible. Other factors in choosing a spot would be to find a position out the way of sprinklers and close enough to a power outlet.

Step 2 | Charge The Battery

  • This is possibly the easiest step of an Automower installation. Just place the mower in the charging station and you can expect a full charge to take around 80-100 minutes. Depending on how big your garden or work area is, you may have to complete the rest of the steps prior to fully charging the Automower.

Step 3 | Lay The Boundary Wire

  • The boundary wire functions exactly how you would expect it to. Once in place it will act as a boundary for your mower, keeping it inside the wire. The boundary wire is laid by simply nailing the wire into the ground with the tools provided in your chosen installation kit. To avoid obstacles such as flower beds and trees, simply take the boundary wire around the obstacle and come back on yourself to create special islands which the mower will know to avoid. Watch the above video to understand more.

Step 4 | Lay The Guide Wire

  • Guide wire needs to be implemented, allowing a quick and easy way for your Automower to find a way back to the charging station. One end is connected to your charging station and the other is connected to one of the most distant locations in your garden, this way the mower will easily come across the wire when low on charge. Both the boundary and guide wire must be connected to the charging station for this to work.

Step 5 | Apply Your Settings, Sit Back & Relax

Once your mower is fully charged and all wires have been laid and connected to the charging station, you can start setting your mower up for action. Enter your 4-digit security code and adjust your cutting height and time settings appropriately. This will depend on factors such as, whether it's your first cut of the season, what time of day you wish to cut at and what period of the year you are in.