The Honda Miimo

Treat your lawn to a Honda Miimo.

Straight Up Intelligence

Honda's Miimo is able to run on it's own and capable of cutting lawns from 400m2 up to 4000m2 (depending on model)

The Robotic Lawnmower melds innovation and intelligence to get you that well maintained, year round lawn you've always wanted.

Why the Honda Miimo?


What more could you want? The Honda Miimo can be fully set up around your lifestyle and garden needs. It runs supremely quiet and will prove your most efficient purchase to date - go about your daily business with peace of mind.


Miimo comes equipped with a microcomputer, timer and sensor to allow for the ultimate in precision and autonomy for your lawn. All you need to do is tell it where and when. When the battery is low, the Miimo will head back and charge itself.


360 degree awareness is achieved thanks to advanced sensors allowing the Miimo to handle trees, buildings, water, flower beds and more. As a safety feature, it can also stop itself when it detects sudden lifting or tilting.


Miimo has come about thanks to decades of Honda’s passion for innovation, technology, robotics and engineering. They've spent over 20 years working on robotics that can help people get things done more efficiently. Honda Miimo is a key beneficiary of almost 70 years of Honda innovation, and it comes with the sheer quality you've come to expect.

Safety First

Intelligent 360 degree sensors and a floating deck are used to detect any contact with obstacles. Once detected, the Miimo will adjust its route to avoid the obstacle. This keeps everyone safe.


Such a prized asset could be a target for theft. No need to worry, Honda has you covered. As soon as someone picks up the Miimo, it can automatically trigger an alarm. When lifted it also locks up, until you enter your custom PIN code to resume.


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There are six Miimo models to choose from, all offering a range of features and capabilities, don't worry about the size your garden, Honda has it covered.

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