Sammie's Local Delivery

All local delivery orders are now charged a standard £6.98 delivery fee

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The table below shows our usual delivery day for your town/village. This table is for guidance only as local delivery dates can not be guaranteed. Before your delivery takes place you will be contacted by our customer services team who will inform you of your delivery day. If there are any changes to this date you will be notified. 

Please note: Bulk deliveries will be left on the closest hard standing


Town/village Delivery Day
Agglethorpe Friday
Ainderby Quernhow Tuesday
Aindervy Steeple Thursday
Aisalby (Yarm) Friday
Aiskew Friday
Aldborough Tuesday
Aldbrough St John Thursday
Aldfield Tuesday
Aldwark Wednesday
Alne Wednesday
Ampleforth Wednesday
Appleton Wiske Thursday
Arkendale Tuesday
Arkendarthdale Thursday
Arkle Town Thursday
Arrathorne Friday
Asenby Tuesday
Asenby Monday
Askrigg Friday
Atley Hill Thursday
Aycliffe Village Thursday
Aysgarth Friday
Aysgarth School Friday
Azerley Tuesday
Bagby Wednesday
Bainbridge Friday
Baldersby Monday
Baldersby Tuesday
Baldersby-St-James Monday
Baldersby-St-James Tuesday
Balk Wednesday
Barden Friday
Barmpton Thursday
Barnard Castle Thursday
Barningham Thursday
Barton Thursday
Battersby Junction Friday
Beaumont Hill Thursday
Bedale Friday
Bellerby Friday
Beningbrough Wednesday
Billingham Friday
Bilsdale Friday
Binsoe Tuesday
Birkby Thursday
Birstwith Tuesday
Bishop Auckland Thursday
Bishop Monkton Tuesday
Bishop Thornton Tuesday
Bishopdale Friday
Blackwell Thursday
Bolam Thursday
Boldron Thursday
Boltby Wednesday
Bolton-On-Swale Thursday
Booze Thursday
Boroughbridge Tuesday
Borrowby Monday
Borrowby Tuesday
Braidley Friday
Brafferton Wednesday
Brafferton (Darlington) Thursday
Bransby Wednesday
Brawith Monday
Brawith Tuesday
Breckenbrough Monday
Breckenbrough Tuesday
Bridge Hewick Tuesday
Brompton Thursday Afternoon
Brompton-on-swale Thursday
Brotton Friday
Bullamoor Thursday Afternoon
Burneston Tuesday
Burnt Houses Thursday
Burnt Yates Tuesday
Burrill Friday
Burtersett Friday
Burnton Leonard Tuesday
Busby Stoop Monday
Busby Stoop Tuesday
Bushby (cleveland) Friday
Butterknowle Thursday
Caldbergh Friday
Caldwell Thursday
Carlin How Friday
Carlton (leyburn) Friday
Carlton (stockton) Friday
Carlton Husthwaite Wednesday
Carlton In Cleveland Friday
Carlton Miniott Monday
Carlton Miniott Tuesday
Carperby Friday
Carthorpe Tuesday
Castle Bolton Friday
Castleton Friday
Catterick Bridge Thursday
Catterick Garrison Thursday
Catterick Village Thursday
Catton Tuesday
Catton Monday
Chequers Thursday Afternoon
Chop Gate Friday
Clack Lane Ends Thursday Afternoon
Cleasby Thursday
Clinfton Castle Tuesday
Clint Tuesday
Coatham Mindville Thursday
Cockfield Thursday
Colburn Thursday
Cold Kirby Wednesday
Colsterdale (masham) Tuesday
Commondale Friday
Constable Burton Friday
Copgrove Tuesday
Copt Hewick Tuesday
Coulton Wednesday
Countersett Friday
Coverbridge Friday
Coverham Friday
Cowesby Monday
Cowesby Tuesday
Coxwold Wednesday
Crakehall Friday
Crakehill Wednesday
Crathorne Friday
Crayke Wednesday
Croft-On-Tees Thursday
Cundall Wednesday
Dacre Tuesday
Dallowgill Tuesday
Dalton (Richmond) Thursday
Dalton (Thirsk) Wednesday
Dalton Peircy Friday
Dalton-On-Tees Thursday
Danby (n. York Moors) Friday
Danby Wiske Thursday
Darlington Thursday
Deighton Thursday
Dishforth Monday
Dishforth Tuesday
Downholme Thursday
Eaglescliffe Friday
Easby (great Ayton) Friday
Easby (richmond) Thursday
Easingwold Wednesday
East Appleton Thursday
East Cowton Thursday
East Harlsey Thursday
East Hauxwell Friday
East Hauxwell Friday
East Layton Thursday
East Rounton Thursday
East Scrafton Friday
East Tanifield Tuesday
East Witton Friday
Eavestone Tuesday
Egglescliffe Friday
Eldmire Wednesday
Ellderbeck Thursday Afternoon
Ellerton-On-Swale Thursday
Ellingstring Tuesday
Elton Friday
Elwick Friday
Entercommon Thursday
Eppleby Thursday
EryHolme Thursday
Eston Friday
Evenwood Thursday
Exelby Tuesday
Faceby Friday
Fangdale Beck Friday
Farlington Wednesday
Farnham Tuesday
Fawdington Wednesday
Fearby Tuesday
Felixkirk Wednesday
ferrensby Tuesday
Ferryhill Thursday
Finghall Friday
Firby Friday
Flawith Wednesday
Forcett Thursday
Fountains Abbey Tuesday
Fremlington Thursday
Gainford Thursday
Galphay Tuesday
Gammersgill Friday
Garrriston (leyburn) Friday
Gatenby Tuesday
Gayle (Hawes) Friday
Gayles (richmond) Thursday
Gilling East Wednesday
Gilling West Thursday
Girsby Thursday
Glasshouses Tuesday
Grantley Tuesday
Great Ayton Friday
Great Broughton Friday
Great Burdon Thursday
Great Fencote Thursday
Great Langton Thursday
Great Ouseburn Tuesday
Great Smeaton Thursday
Great Stainton Thursday
Greata Bridge Thursday
Green Hammerton Tuesday
Grewelthorpe Tuesday
Grinton Thursday
Guisbrough Friday
Gunnerside Thursday
Hackforth Thursday
Halfpenny House (leyburn) Friday
Hampleton Wednesday
Hampsthwaite Tuesday
Hamsterley Thursday
Harkerside Thursday
Harmby Friday
Harrogate Tuesday
Hart Hartlepool Friday
Hartforth Thursday
Hartlepool Friday
Haughton-Le-Skerne Thursday
Hawes Friday
Haxby Wednesday
Headlam Thursday
Healaugh Thursday
Healey Tuesday
Heightington Thursday
Helmsley Wednesday
Helperby Wednesday
Hemlington Friday
High Ellington Tuesday
High Leven Friday
Hilton (piercebridge) Thursday
Hilton (yarm) Friday
Hipswell Thursday
Holme-On-Swale Tuesday
Holtby Thursday
Hornby (bedale) Thursday
Hornby (smeaton) Thursday
Horsehouses Friday
Howe Tuesday
Huby Wednesday
Hudswell Thursday
Hunton Friday
Hurst Thursday
Hurworth-On-Tees Thursday
Husthwaite Wednesday
Hutton Conyers Tuesday
Hutton Magna Thursday
Hutton Rudby Friday
Hutton Sessay Wednesday
Ilton Tuesday
Inglesby Arncliffe Friday
Ingleby Cross Friday
Ingleby Greenhow Friday
Ingleton Thursday
Isleton Thursday
Islebeck Wednesday
Ivelet Thursday
Jeater Houses Thursday Afternoon
Jervaulx Tuesday
Kepwick Tuesday
Kepwick Monday
Kilburn Wednesday
Kildale Friday
Killerby (piercebridge) Thursday
Killinghall Tuesday
Kinninvie Thursday
Kiplin Thursday
Kirby Kill Thursday
Kirby Hill (boroughbridge) Tuesday
Kirby Knowle Wednesday
kirby Malzard Tuesday
Kirby Sigston Thursday Afternoon
Kirby Wiske Tuesday
Kirby Wiske Monday
Kirkbridge Friday
Kirkby Fleetham Thursday
Kirkby In Cleveland Friday
Kirkleatham Friday
Kirklevington Friday
Kirklington Tuesday
Knaresborough  Tuesday
Knayton Tuesday
Knayton Monday
Landmoth Thursday Afternoon
Langthorne Thursday
Langthorpe Tuesday
Langthwaite Thursday
Laverton Tuesday
Lazenby Friday
Leake Tuesday
Leake Monday
leeming Bar East Thursday
Leeming Bar North Thursday
Leeming Bar South Tuesday
Leeming Bar West Friday
Leeming Village Tuesday
Leyburn Friday
Lingdale Friday
Linton-On-Ouse Wednesday
Little Ayton Friday
Little Crakehall Friday
Little Fencote Thursday
Little Langton Thursday
Little Ouseburn Tuesday
Little Stainton Thursday
Littlehorpe Tuesday
Loftus Friday
Londonderry Tuesday
Long Newton Friday
Lovesome Hill Thursday
Low Coniscliffe Thursday
Low Dinsdale Thursday
Low Row Thursday
Low Worsall Thursday
Maltby Friday
Manfield Thursday
Markington  Tuesday
Marrick Thursday
Marsett Friday
Marske (Richmond) Thursday
Marton Le Moor Tuesday
Marton-In-The-Forest Wednesday
Masham Tuesday
Maunby Tuesday
Maunby Monday
Melmerby (leyburn) Friday
Melmerby (ripon) Tuesday
Melsonby Thursday
Merrybent Thursday
Mickley Tuesday
Middleham Friday
Middlesborough Friday
Middleton On Leven Friday
Middleton Quernhow Tuesday
Middleton Tyas Thursday
Middleton-One-Row Thursday
Middleton-St-George Thursday
Milby Tuesday
Minskip Tuesday
Mordon Thursday
Morton-On-Swale Thursday
Moulton Thursday
Muker Thursday
Myton-On-Swale Wednesday
Neasham Thursday
Nether Silton Monday
Nether Silton Tuesday
Newbriggin (askrigg) Friday
Newbriggin (Bishopdale) Friday
Newby (Middlesbrough)Friday
Newby Hall Tuesday
Newby Wiske Tuesday
Newby Wiske Monday
Newsham (richmond) Thursday
Newsham (thirsk) Tuesday
Newton Aycliffe Thursday
Newton Le Willows Friday
Newton Morrell Thursday
Newton-Under-Roseberry Friday
Nidd Tuesday
North Cowton Thursday
North Kilvington Monday
North Kilvington Tuesday
North Otterington Tuesday
North Otterington Monday
North Stainley Tuesday
North Tanfield Tuesday
Northallerton TuesdayThursday Morning
Norton (stockton) Friday
Norton Conyers Tuesday
Norton-Le-Clay Tuesday
Nosterfield Tuesday
Nunthorpe Friday
Old Byland Wednesday
Oldstead Wednesday
Ormesby Friday
Osgodby Wednesday
Osmotherley Thursday Afternoon
Oswaldkirk Wednesday
Oulston Wednesday
Over Dinsdale Thursday
Over Silton Tuesday
Over Silton Monday
Ovington Thursday
Pateley Bridge Tuesday
Patrick Brompton Friday
Pepper Arden Thursday
Pickhill Tuesday
Picton Thursday
Piercebridge Thursday
Pilmoor Wednesday
Potto Friday
Preston Under Scar Friday
Rainton Monday
Rainton Tuesday
Raskelf Wednesday
Ravensworth Thursday
Redmarshall Thursday
Redmire Friday
Redworth Thursday
Reeth Thursday
Richmond Thursday
Rievaulx Wednesday
Ripley Tuesday
Ripon  Tuesday
Risplith Tuesday
Roecliffe Tuesday
Romanby Tuesday/Thursday Morning
Sadberge Thursday
Saltersgill Friday
Sandhutton Tuesday
Sandhutton Monday
Sawley Tuesday
Scargill Thursday
Scawton Helmsley Wednesday
Scorton Richmond Thursday
Scotch Corner Thursday
Scotton (catterick Garrison) Thursday
Scotton (knaresbrough) Tuesday
Scruton Thursday
Scruton Lane Ends Thursday
Seal Houses Thursday
Seamer Friday
Sedgefield Thursday
Semerwater Friday
Sessay Wednesday
Sharow Tuesday
Sheriff Hutton Wednesday
Shildon Thursday
Shipton Wednesday
Sinderby Tuesday
Skeeby Thursday
Skelton (guisbrough) Friday
Skelton (ripon) Tuesday
Skipton-On-Swale Tuesday
Skipton-On-Swale Monday
Skutterskelfe Friday
Snape Tuesday
Snilesworth Thursday Afternoon
Sockburn Thursday
South Cowton Thursday
South Kilvington Tuesday
South Kilvington Monday
South Otterington Tuesday
South Otterington Monday
South Stainley Tuesday
Sowerby Tuesday
Sowerby Monday
Sowerby-under-cotcliffe Thursday Afternoon
Spennithorne Friday
Sproxton Wednesday
Staindrop Thursday
Stainton Thursday
Stainton (stokesley) Friday
Stalling Busk Friday
Stanwick-St-john Thursday
Stapleton Thursday
Staveley Tuesday
Stillington Wednesday
Stillington (stockton) Thursday
Stockton Friday
Stokesley Friday
Stragleton Gates Thursday
Streetlam Thursday
Strensall Wednesday
Studley Royal Tuesday
Summer Bridge Tuesday
Summerhouses Thursday
Sutton Howgrave Tuesday
Sutton-On-Forest Wednesday
Sutton-Under-w'stone-Cliff Wednesday
Swainby Friday
Swinton Tuesday
Tamerbridge Friday
Tanton Friday
Theakston Tuesday
Thimbleby Thursday Afternoon
Thirkleby Great Wednesday
Thirkleby Little Wednesday
Thirlby Wednesday
Thirn Friday
Thirsk Monday
Thirsk Tuesday
Tholthorpe Wednesday
Thormanby Wednesday
Thornaby Friday
Thornbrough Tuesday
Thornton (stokesley) Friday
Thornton Steward Friday
Thornton-Le-Beans Monday
Thornton-Le-Beans Tuesday
Thornton-Le-Moor Tuesday
Thornton-Le-Moor Monday
Thornton-Le-Street Monday/Tuesday
Thorpe Thewles Friday
Thornton Rust Friday
Thornton Watlass Friday
Thrintoft Thursday
Thwaite Thursday
Toft Hill Thursday
Tollerton Wednesday
Tontine Hotel Friday
Topcliffe Tuesday
Topcliffe Monday
Tunstall Thursday
Uckerby Thursday
Upleatham Friday
Upsall Tuesday
Upsall Monday
Urlay Nook Friday
Walden Friday
Walworth Thursday
Warlaby Tuesday/Thursday Morning
Warthermarkse Tuesday
Wass Wednesday
Wath Tuesday
Welbury Thursday
Well Tuesday
Wensley Friday
West Appleton Thursday
West Auckland Thursday
West Burton Friday
West Harlsey Thursday Afternoon
West Layton Thursday
West Rounton Thursday
West Scrafton Friday
West Tanfield Tuesday
West Witton Friday
Westerdale Friday
Wetherby Tuesday
Whashton Thursday
Whaw Thursday
Whitton Thursday
Whitwell (scorton) Thursday
Whixley York Tuesday
Whorlton Thursday
Wiggington Wednesday
Wilsill Tuesday
Wilton Friday
Winkley Ripon Tuesday
Winston Thursday
Winton Thursday Afternoon
Witton Le Wear Thursday
Wolviston Friday
Woodale Friday
Woodhall Friday
woodland Thursday
Worton (leyburn) Friday
Wycliffe Thursday
Yarm Friday
Yearby Friday
Yearsley Wednesday
Youlton Wednesday

Sammie's Local Delivery is currently a 10 working day service. Whilst we always try our best to get your items to you as quickly as possible there are on rare occasions circumstances beyond our control that can delay your delivery. Should this be the case with your order you will be contacted by our customer services team at the earliest possible opportunity. Please note: Bulk deliveries will be left on the closest hard standing if access to the property is restricted.