Arbortec have just released their brand new Arborflex system, which is designed to offer a superbly versatile selection of chainsaw trousers, giving you the best option no matter what the job.

Working on a job doesn't always mean you will have the same working conditions every time, different weather variations and tasks can alter your safety requirements dramatically - so why limit yourself to one specific type of safety trouser?

The new Arborflex system has been designed to allow you to change the level of chainsaw protection and the style of the outer layer, whenever your circumstances changes. The Arborflex outer skin can also be worn as a stand-alone trouser, when there's no need for chainsaw protection. Find out more about the new Arbortec Arborflex Trousers range below.

The Base Layer

The Arborflex Base is the layer worn under the 'Skin' to provide chainsaw protection. The bases are fully certified and available in Type A, Type B and Type C.

The Skin Layer

The Arborflex outer layer or ‘Skin’ can be worn as a stand-alone trouser for outdoor activities. When combined with an Arborflex base layer they become a fully certified chainsaw trouser.

Base Layer Options


Type A Skin is easily identified by the red blocking material, red buttons and red tab.


Type B Skin is easily identified by the orange blocking material, orange buttons and orange tab.


Type C Skin is easily identified by the green blocking material, green buttons and green tab.

Skin Options

Pro Skin

Pro is a high performance top quality Skin created using technical materials. They're available in Lime/Black, Purple/Black & Black.

Casual Skin

The Casual Skin is more of a regular, everyday skin and comes available in choice of Black, Olive, Aqua, Beige and Citrine.

Mid Skin

Mid Skins have been developed using the original Breatheflex pattern. These are available in Hi-Vis Orange and Lime.

Waterproof Skin

Waterproof Skins combine to make the first waterproof chainsaw trousers ever produced. Waterproof comes in Black & Hi-Vis Orange.