Gallagher S20 Solar Energiser Battery

Gallagher S20 Solar Energiser Battery


The S20 is the ultimate portable Energizer solution, storing 0.2 J & capable of powering up to 1.8 mile/3km or 1.2 hectares of multi-wire fence.

This fence Energizer comes complete with a rechargeable battery and solar panel. The S20 is quick and easy to install and convenient to transport. This robust and highly portable unit makes a great alternative to battery-powered systems.

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  • Works for up to 3 weeks without sun and is capable to power through the harshest winters.
  • Super tough, drop resistant, waterproof casing.
  • Quick and easy install.
  • Built-in lightning protection.
  • Vegetation - None.
  • Voltage - 6.
  • Advice Fence without growth (km) - 3.

SKU: GA-341323

Barcode: 9414701341323

MPN: 341323

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