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Westland Horticultural Sand 20kg

Westland Horticultural Sand 20kg

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Westland Horticultural Sand is a versatile product suitable for a multitude of garden uses

Perfect for mixing with compost to create the optimum growing media for seeds and cuttings, or for improving lawn drainage and breaking down heavy soils.

Westland Horticultural Sand has been specially sourced and washed to produce a carefully graded lime-free horticultural sand, which is free draining making it the perfect accompaniment for a number of gardening uses:

  • Mixing with composts
  • Sowing seeds & taking cuttings
  • Lawn drainage
  • Capillary benches
  • Breaking up heavy soils
  • For easy transplanting & improving drainage
  • Aids cutting establishment & aeration
  • Reduces root damage during pricking out

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