STIHL Chest Belt | ADVANCE Harness

STIHL Chest Belt for ADVANCE Harnesses


Handy add-on for a selection of STIHL Harnesses

STIHL Chest Belt is perfect for a selection of different STIHL Harnesses and helps by keeping both shoulder straps at an equal distance apart, thus stopping the harness from slipping off your shoulders.

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STIHL Chest Belt | STIHL ADVANCE & Backpack Blower Harnesses

STIHL Chest Belt has been designed for use with a selection of STIHL Harnesses including their Backpack Blower Harnesses. If you have trouble keeping the Harness shoulder straps on your shoulders then the chest belt will be perfect for you. See below for compatible harnesses.

  • STIHL ADVANCE universal harness
  • STIHL ADVANCE fluorescent orange harness
  • STIHL BR 200-D Backpack Blower
  • STIHL BR 350 Backpack Blower
  • STIHL BR 430 Backpack Blower
  • STIHL BR 500 Backpack Blower
  • STIHL BR600 Backpack Blower

SKU: ST-0000 790 7700

Barcode: 795711424671

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