Sam Turners News - Celebrating 40 Years with Gailbreaker

Sam Turners News - Celebrating 40 Years with Gailbreaker

Celebrating 40 Years with Galebreaker: A Milestone Event for Sam Turners News


John and Charlie Turner have been to visit our friends at Galebreaker who are celebrating 40 years of trading. Here’s what Charlie had to say…

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dad and I had the distinct pleasure of travelling to Galebreaker HQ to join their dealers, staff, and distributors in celebrating a remarkable milestone: Galebreaker's 40th year in business.

A Brief History of Galebreaker

Galebreaker, true to its name, was established to shield buildings and livestock from harsh elements and inclement weather. The concept originated from a dairy farmer in Herefordshire who, along with his business partners, invented the durable Galebreaker material. This innovation set the foundation for a thriving enterprise that has continued to evolve and grow.

A Family Legacy

Today, Galebreaker is owned and operated by the son of that visionary dairy farmer. With a dedicated team of 50 staff members, the company has expanded its agricultural applications into new and diverse markets worldwide. From providing shade to protect buildings from the intense sun in Spain to shielding ice rinks from icy winds in Switzerland, Galebreaker's reach is truly global.

A Trusted Partnership

It was particularly heartening to learn that Sam Turner's is one of Galebreaker's larger customers and trusted partners. We take immense pride in advising farmers and end users on the most suitable Galebreaker products for their specific needs.

An Inspiring Celebration

During the event, Jeremy Scudamore, the owner of Galebreaker, delivered an inspiring speech that highlighted his passion for the product and the industry. A standout moment from his talk was a slide featuring a copy of an order that marked a significant milestone for the company. This order, which pushed their sales past the £1 million mark in 1994, was sent via fax by John Turner of Sam Turner & Sons Ltd, destined for a farming customer we are still honored to serve today.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to many more years of successful collaboration with Galebreaker. Their innovation and dedication have made a significant impact on the agricultural industry, and we are proud to be part of their journey. Here's to continued growth and partnership with Galebreaker in the years to come.

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