Gardena Micro-drip Garden Watering System

Gardena Micro-drip Garden Watering System

Save time and water with the new Gardena Micro-drip system.

What is Gardena Micro-drip and how can it help you and your garden?

Gardena's micro-drip irrigation systems are designed to provide efficient and precise watering for plants, flowers, lawns and other garden elements. Using components such as drip heads, sprays, tubing, and connectors, your balcony, patio or garden will get the correct amount of water every time. 

What makes the Gardena Micro-drip system stand out from the crowd?

Conserving resources

Save up to 70% water due to adjustable drip heads and drip watering. With a drip irrigation system, the correct amount of water is dispensed directly to where it is needed: the roots. A precise method of watering that saves water — drop by drop. 

Healthy plants

With the Micro-drip system, you will experience the vibrant beauty of a fully blooming garden. Whether you're an avid vegetable grower or you love luscious blooms — healthy plants and a fruitful harvest are the rewards we can reap from a properly watered garden. 

Free time

The automatic watering system ensures your plants receive the correct amount of water every day for optimum plant health. Once your Mirco-drip system is set up and programmed, this reliable watering system will take care of the work — leaving you to sit back and enjoy your leisure time.


Learn more about the Gardena Micro-drip system HERE

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