We stock a huge selection of Lego, perfect for boys and girls alike. Here you will find the likes of Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Super Heroes & Speed Champions Lego. You will also see the likes of Super Hero Girls, Friends, City and even Lego Technics.





Playmobil is just as classic now as it was all those years ago. We have a range of different Playmobil themes include the like of Playmobil Wildlife, Country, Knights, Summer Fun, City Life & City Action plus many more. Keep an eye out for new themes.



Tractor Ted


Tractor Ted is the new kid on the block. We stock a great and varied selection of toys, dvd's, cd's, books & other accessories such as napkins, bedding & lunch bags. If you're after a colouring book, stickers or party accessories such as plastic cups, we have what you need.



Farm Toys


Being firmly routed in the countryside, it wouldn't be right if we didn't provide some of the best farm and country toys around. Choose from the likes of Siku, Britains, Bruder & Brushwood. We also stock a selection of STIHL & Husqvarna Garden Machinery Toys.






Lego Star Wars


Our selection of Lego Star Wars characters and brick sets have proven some of our most popular Lego products to date. The theme includes figures and models from the latest blockbusters such as Rogue One, along with original models from the early films.




Lego Super Hero Girls


We stock Lego themes loved by boys and girls alike. The Lego Super Hero Girls theme focuses on famous super heroes of past and present, re-imagining them in a new light. We stock the likes of Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Harley Quinn among others.