Westland Growmore Granular Garden Fertiliser 3.5kg

Westland Growmore Granular Garden Fertiliser 3.5kg


Ideal for use with most types of vegetables, shrubs fruit trees & flowers

This easy to use garden fertiliser will help to ensure your plants stay healthy and strong.

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Product Information:

  • Ready to use: Ready to use
  • For best results use between February and October
  • Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season

Features and Benefits:

  • For stronger, healthier plant growth and abundant flowering
  • Use as a balanced fertiliser (NPK 7:7:7) with a variety of crops
  • Use when planting or sowing and feeding of established plants
  • General soil improvement to put depleted nutrients back
  • Contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potash

Rates of use top dressing; General Vegetables 70g/m2; Potatoes 210g/m2; Fruit trees/shrubs 135g/m2; Flowers 70g/m2. Base dressing General Vegetables 135g/m2

SKU: GC-07181505

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