STIHL Clearing Saws FS 460 C-EM K | Petrol

STIHL Clearing Saws FS 460 C-EM K


High-performance & powerful clearing saw with M-Tronic engine management

STIHL FS 460 C-EM K is quite possibly STIHL's most advanced clearing saw available to date, coming with enough power and engine management to cope with work in some of the worlds toughest environments.


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STIHL Petrol Clearing Saw | FS 460 C-EM K

STIHL FS 460 C-EM K is made for professionals working in some of the harshest, most testing environments in the world. Developed with STHIL's new M-Tronic engine management system, the Clearing Saw can make engine adjustments based on climate, altitude, amount of petrol in the engine and other aspects to keep engine performance at its very peak. There is no need for manual engine adjustments with this Clearing Saw.

Further features of the STIHL Clearing Saw include STIHL ErgoStart and a manual fuel pump, allowing the engine to start with minimal effort. On top of this, a new winter setting mode has been added, allowing for winter and summer settings to keep the carburettor from over-heating or freezing. Anti-Vibration is still a big deal for STIHL and their typical anti-vibration system is in full force on the 460 C-EM K, helping decrease stress on the user's limbs when working for long periods. If you are looking for a top-class Clearing Saw then this is definitely one to turn heads.

Technical Specification:

  • Total length cm (1) - 168
  • Weight kg (2) - 8.4
  • Sound pressure level with metal tool dB(A) (3) - 101
  • Sound power level with metal tool dB(A) (3) - 113
  • Performance kW - 2.2
  • Weight Pounds (2) - 18.5
  • Vibration value, right with metal tool m/s2 (4) - 2
  • Vibration value, left with metal tool m/s2 (4) - 2.4
  • Capacity cu-in - 2.8
  • Performance PS - 3
  • Fuel tank capacity oz - 25.4
  • Capacity cm3 - 45.6
  • Speed at maximum power Um -9.500
  • Tank volume l - 0.75
  • Performance Um - 3
  • Displacement cm³ - 45.6
  • Power output kW/bhp - 2.2/3.0
  • Weight kg (5) - 8.4
  • Standard cutting tool - Circular saw blade 200-22

(1) Without cutting tool
(2) Without fuel, cutting tool and without protection
(3) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
(4) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m/s²
(5) without cutting tool and deflector


Barcode: 886661024216

Google ID: 29088