Husqvarna Chainsaws Guide Bars 28" 3/8" Solid RSN Large Mount

Husqvarna 28" Solid Guide Bar 3/8" RSN Large Mount


Reduces the load of the tip of longer bars with reduced frictional loss

This Husqvarna Guide Bar is a 28" RSN guide bar with a replaceable tip and 3/8" pitch. The bar is suitable on the following Husqvarna Chainsaws:

365, 372 XP, 365 X-Torq, 372 XP X-TORQ, 372 XP G X-TORQ, 576 XP W, 576 XP G, 576 XP, 576 XP G AutoTune, 570, 390 XP, 390 XP, 395 XP, 395 XP G

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Husqvarna RSN Large Guide Bar | 3/8" Pitch & 28" Length

Husqvarna RSN Large Guide Bar offers the ability to reduce the load on your bar tip and can transfer load to the high quality roller bearing. The bar mount also reduces frictional loss by 8 to 10% - depending on bar length. Other features include an epoxy coating which protects against scratches and corrosion, plus the ability to replace your tip.


  • Gauge - 1.5mm
  • Pitch - 3/8"
  • Bar Mount Type - Large
  • Type of Bar - Solid Bar - Replaceable Sprocket Nose

SKU: HU-501956992

Barcode: 7391883029374

Google ID: 23717