Husqvarna 20" H25 Semi Chisel 0.325" 1.5mm

Husqvarna 20" H25 Semi Chisel 0.325" 1.5mm


A fast-cutting, low-vibration chain where cutters have small-radius working corners for fast cutting & easy sharpening

Husqvarna H25 Chainsaw Chain has been developed for use where cutters have only small-radius working corners and provide fast cutting and easy sharpening.

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Husqvarna Saw Chain H25 | 80 Drive Links, .325" Pitch & 20" Length.

Husqvarna H25 Saw Chain comes with a pitch of .325 inches and features a 20" length. The chain also features 80 drive links and is developed for low vibration and fast cutting speeds. The chain benefits machines with small radius working corners and can be easily sharpened.

Engine specification:

  • Pitch - .325"
  • Gauge - 1.5 mm
  • Kickback reduction - Bumpback Drive Link
  • Cutter type - Micro chisel
  • For use with file - Ø 4.8 mm
  • Recommended engine size - 35-62cc

SKU: HU-501840480

Barcode: 7391883052716

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